Flat Belly Tonic

Recently, while transiting through Bangkok while we were on our way to Japan, we had to cross a security check point at Suwarnabhoomi Airport. Zoya was all over the place, tired and irritated. Flustered, I asked the security woman to hold her while I go through the drill. Zoya, the crowd-pleaser, soon had all the security personnel at her disposal, while Monga and I struggled to get the pram, bags, laptops through. And then, suddenly one of the personnel turned around, pointed at my belly and commented “Oh, another one!” I wanted to die, but I politely said, “No, its post pregnancy flat.”


Chuckles. Many.

And then last week, at a party in Bristol, our co-production partner spoke to my belly and to Singh, “Oh look at you two! One is barely here and another one is on its way!”

I wanted the Earth to open, swallow me and then zip up again. I wanted my body to reach the molten centre of the Earth, where, I hoped, excessive body fat could melt and then a thin-me would erupt from the crust.. Just like SuperMan flies around.

He was very apologetic.

So, here is this rumored flat-belly tonic.

Slice a lemon and half a cucumber. Toss the slices into a jar. Add some grated ginger and a few hand-crushed mint leaves. Fill it with about 2 liters of water and let this tonic sit overnight. Drink it when you wake up. The entire two litres. Slowly.

THEY SAY – its a natural detox, i.e. it helps flush out impurities. AND, it helps maintain a FLAT BELLY.

I made mine right now for the morning.

Flat belly or not, it surely will be refreshing. Especially in summers.

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