About Me

I am Akanksha Sood Singh (A.s.S.) – a multi award winning wildlife filmmaker and a person full of ideas about making things at home – a DIY specialist of sorts! I love to experiment and create. Among many other things, I am rather stubborn, loving, good humoured, restless, creative and a control & cleanliness freak..

My husband, Praveen Singh (hereinafter referred to as Singh), is also a wildlife filmmaker, award winning (Emmy Award = Extreme Pride) et al. We met 19 years ago and have been married for a decade now. Both of us are 180 degree opposites of each other, our biggest disconnect being these home experiments and food, and our biggest connect being love, travel, filmmaking and our children – Zoya and Sumer. He is also stubborn. I choose to think I am lesser.

As a young woman, I have done almost everything unhealthy and abused my body. My idea of well-being was, well, non-existent. It began coming into focus as I travelled through jungles, living with nature, her resources and those simple people who used those resources to create their organic lifestyles. That is when I started to experiment.

And then, one day, I discovered I was pregnant! My daughter Zoya is beautiful and so delicate. And totally dependent on me. She is inspiring me to clean my life and our lifestyle.

I am no DiY diva. All this is learnt from nature, her people and my mother. I just wish to share all my doable ideas. None  require any fancy gadgets, specialized talents and very importantly, money. All of this is made at homemade. Simple. Clean. Cheap. Healthy. Safe. Fun.
For Zoya, Sumer and my Parents.

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