Herbal Teas

It’s amazing how many flowers are blooming all over. It is a great sight! Plucking a few now and then does NOT do any harm.

Am on a pluck-spring-flowers mission. Please excuse.

The point here is making teas from these lovely flowers, either fresh or dried. These herbal teas can be very relaxing and a remedy for some cures!

A cheaper alternative to store-bought herbal teas is to make a homemade one!


Chamomile, mint, sweet fennel, thyme, hibiscus, cinnamon, lemon grass, dandelion, ginger, licorice, lavender… It’s very long! Many work great as a mix.. Experimentation is the key here…


To make a herbal tea, tear the leaves (or the flowers / blossoms / pods depending on what part is to be used), put them into a teapot and pour boiling water over it. Let this stand for a 3 to 5 minutes, or longer if you want it stronger. (There was some television commercial to that effect..Can’t recall)..

Strain the tea through a strainer into your cup and add your preferred sweetener. I think honey works the best with herbal teas.

Storing Herbal Tea Concentrate

This is just such a great activity! And so much fun it could be if you involve the children!

– To make an herbal concentrate, mash the herb’s leaves / flowers, pour boiling water over them and allow it to stand  for upto 2 weeks.

– Strain this concentrate through a strainer in to ice cube trays.

– Once it freezes, take the cubes out, put them into ziplock bags and label them!

To make the tea with the concentrate, place one or two frozen cubes in a cup and add boiling water. Add honey and enjoy!

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