Recycling Crayons

There are random moments in time when you stare at your children. They stare back at you.


It is mostly the intervening period between two activities. It seems like our minds are blank and thus the stare. The tired-taking-a-break look.

In reality, these are those seconds where they are trying to figure if they can mess with something without you saying anything or if you are going to come up with something better than the previous game.

And you. Well. You. Probably thinking of checking on the baby, drinking a glass of water, wrapping up the mess from the previos session, perhaps peeing or checking email, closing the windows as dusk nears, deciding the dinner menu…

Even before your brain can twitch to initiate the process of figuring the to-do list, you hear the mind-fuck of a sentence “Ma, I am bored”.

Really? After all that we did since we opened our eyes at 5:48 a.m.? On a Sunday?

Zoya finds a few things boring:

– School

– Playing in the park

– Eating healthy food for dinner

– Wearing clothes

– Combing her hair

– Eating in school

Among the billion things which are not boring for her, colouring is among the top 5. As a result, we have over a hundred pieces of used crayons. And they mostly get rubbed on white walls as she walks by, pretending to figure the texture, appreciating the workmanship, moving closer to the stonewalls.

I have never stopped her from scribbling on white walls in the house. I will never stop Sumer either. But the stone walls!! They are a strict no no. Making them the forbidden fruit for my three year old.

On Sunday, when there was no Praveen and no help, I saw a pink “standing line” on a stone at about 4 feet above the ground. Not made in a hurry. A line deliberately made to stand 2 inches tall and perhaps took 45 seconds to be erected.

So. What. Do. We. Do?

Yes. We made bigger multi-coloured crayons.

It is very simple. Fill silicon moulds with crayon pieces and dunk them in a pre heated oven at 200•C for about 4 minutes.

The liquid is extremely hot so be very very careful. Open the oven door and let the cups just sit inside for 30 minutes.

She is now on a mission to collect zillion crayon pieces from school and make new multi coloured crayons for everyone. One for her Parul Maam has been made and delivered!


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