#DieYouBastards Stain Remover

We have this washing machine. IFB’s. Heavy duty stuff. It’s 3 years old. Used to clean well until a month ago when suddenly it started staining clothes. Big ugly black and grey patches of god-alone-knows-what. So, obviously I called in the AMC guy. He ran the machine with a descaler. The muck came from the tank water and deposited itself in the machine and thus the problem. I run white  vinegar in the cycle every 3 months, and had not done so in the last year! 250 bucks worth of a chemical and then he also sold me a water softer.

Whatever it’s worth, the clothes were stained. Zoya’s white rompers, sweaters and her mattress protector. My mother tried everything possible and scrubbed and scrubbed..They did lighten, at the cost of shredding many of her clothes.  So I turned on google.com

The Ugliness of it All – Those Bastards

So, among all the stuff google threw up, the simplest remedy combines the powers of hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid! It was worth a try.

So, that’s 2 parts of hydrogen peroxide and 1 part of dishwashing liquid. Mix it well, but not so much that the soap starts to froth, as was in my case! I believe toothpaste also works well instead of dish washing liquid.

Then, attack the stains.

Honestly, it was tedious scrubbing so many stains. I dod not want to soak the entire thing in a solution as I was not too sure if dilution would weaken the mix.

I let this sit for about 15 to 30 minutes and then dunked it into the washing machine and ran the usual cycle.

Note – Add a little less washing powder / liquid as there is the frothy  dish washing liquid and you do not want to be battling with too much of it in your machine, especially the front loader variety.

This surely is magic! As good as new!

Well, one stubborn stain was still there.. But extremely faded! The cloth did NOT fade as I had suspected!

Note – Do NOT try it on silks and other delicate material. 

And I believe, this works like magic on whites stained yellow

So, there you are, the “DieYouBastards Stain Remover

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