The Taste of You

I am here, with a gigantic emptiness next to me. You should be on this pillow and I should have been on your shoulder.

Instead, I sit here with the taste of you still on my lips, and the smell of you fresh in my nostrils, and the feel of you still fresh on my skin. I still see your chocolate eyes, staring into the depths of my soul and entrapping my being, captivated by all that was you.

I can still feel the electricity between us, like fire in our veins…
Two souls moving to the rhythm of their own passion.
For a moment the world stopped
And it was just us…
Entangled in each other.

I thought it could last forever. But forever does not come.

What remains is the vast expanse of the water.
And the salt…
Sea Salt.

My first taste.
I was born in to it and grew up with it.
And it is your taste.

Sea Salt.


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