60 Seconds

Height, width, depth. It is same, the space in which you and I are together. However, time is another dimension. It separates you from me, keeps you away from my reach. And yet, it creates an intimacy.

On the axis where I stand with you, I respect our circumstances and admire us. However, the dimensional difference of time is a plane piquant and tempestuous, and irrigated by desire and curiosity and of things that typically erupt between lovers.

It is here, in this difference of just 60 seconds, that I crave you. Here that I thrive in the turmoil of my emotions and in the deafness of my silence.

This is something I do not expect you to understand or reciprocate.
This is something our conditioning does not allow and accept.

Question – Why you?
Answer – Mysterious ways it has. Love is born in strange places. Love is born between the right people, at the wrong time.

Question – What does an unrequited heart do?
Answer – It can either surrender or persist.

Of course! I feel like asking you if you feel the same or is it just me who is traversing through this dimension?

And then I realize – you are in the future.

Traveling into the future is easy. It is the coming back, that is hard.


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