Boost Your Child’s Immunity

In the times we live in, it is very important that we get the right dose of the essential building blocks of life so that our foundation remains strong and immunity strengthens. When it comes to your children, there is no compromise.


I take a lot of pride in having secured my children on that front in many ways. I always say before their preferences take over, feed them everything and teach them life skills!

This pandemic has given me the impetus to share some of our everyday habits with you…

Oil the Nose – Yes, for once let your children put their own finger (dipped in oil) into their own nose. After their bath and before sleeping. Everyday. Throughout the year. This practice keeps the nasal passage lubricated and improves breathing patterns – oil makes the dust and grime stick to itself, thus preventing it from entering the respiratory tract.

Turmeric, Black Pepper & Lemon Shots – Grate fresh turmeric into a glass jar, add a tablespoon of black pepper and top it up with lemon juice. Store this in the fridge. Every morning, take a tablespoon of this mix with lukewarm water. Chew the turmeric. This is a great start to a day with the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, with cancer preventing potential. And if you you ever have indigestion, have these shots three times a day.


Holy Basil Water in a Copper Jug – Get a tall copper jug. Fill it with water. Add 10 / 15 Holy Basil (Tulsi) leaves and have this water thorugh the day. Put fresh leaves every evening. Tulsi is known for its therapeutic qualities. It’s very good for digestion and strengthening of the overall immune system.

Dry Fruits & Seeds – Almonds, figs, chia seeds, raisins, flax seeds, apricots, walnuts, pine nuts, cashew nuts, pistachio, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, et al. So boredom does not set in (and with kids that can happen very fast), you can choose from a wide variety of dry fruits and seeds and switch between them often. Make sure that they are unsalted. Give them as a snack, churn them and mix them in milk or curd, grind them into rotis / parathas, sprinkle them on cakes… You get the flow?

Curd – Vegan or dairy, curd soothes. Give it with food, instead of water, cooked or cold, depending on the weather, as salad dressing, or as ice popsicles. Nothing is as great as curd when it comes to something as nutrient dense food that also balances gastrointestinal flora.

Indian Gooseberry Water – Grate one whole amla into a tall glass of water. Let this sit. Sieve it and sip this water many times in a day. One grated amla can last 3 to 4 water refills. It is an extremely rich source of vitamin C. And more – has anti-oxidants, keeps the liver healthy, boosts protein metabolism, improves hair, strengthens the respiratory system.

Body Oil – Trash commercial creams. Use oil instead. After a bath, dab oil on your child’s body just as you would dab cream and gently massage it all over. Some key areas toroberta-sorge-uOBApnN_K7w-unsplash massage – joints, chest, lower back, ears, throat. Warm almond oil is great in winters. Warm mustard oil is great for extreme winter nights. Oil Massage is great in summers as well. Coconut works best throughout the year – buy the unscented variety. Do not like the smell? Add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice. If possible, give the children a a gentle massage on the soles of their feet every night before bed.

Ditch Soap – Use bath powder or explore your kitchen cabinet – oats, sugar, ground coffee, wheat flour, besan, rice flour, haldi, curd, milk, neem… The alternatives to soap are plenty and none of them harm the skin.

Run to the Kitchen & Not the Chemist – Children catch a lot of infection, many times every month! Consider not giving medicines to them every time. Home remedies may be slow in showing results, but they are better in the long run for many infections.


Add to the above some sunshine, fresh air, physical and mental exercise, patience and lots of love and you would have made your child strong enough to survive any epidemic.

And yes, keep washing the hands!


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