Odour Busting Disinfectant

It was 10 degrees last night and the wind chill factor made it near 5. I froze when I stepped out for a walk – three layers, new UGG type boots and a bomber jacket with a hoodie et all, failed. And then, when I thought tomorrow will be another day, brighter, better, warmer, happier day, the adorable – lovable mini-me, at some point at night, decided he had had it with diapers. Just like that.

All I wanted to do was sleep.

My son is a seasoned liar, adept at telling his Mother what he think she wants to hear:
Rascar Capac was standing in the room
Vampire was there
You didn’t take me to my bathroom
Diaper is big
Zoya did it

And he says it with his typical serious, straight face.

I hate laundry. More when it is unnecessary. Most when it is cold. Utmost when it is related to diaper hatred at 3 am in an unhealthy Delhi winter month:
Him & his clothes
Me and my clothes – I sleep as a barrier between the two so they don’t throw each other  off the bed or sleep-kick the living lights out of each other
The bed sheet
The quilt cover
The quilt
The mattress

And because I am anal about washing just the bed sheet and only one quilt cover and not the complete set, so basically everything has to be washed and disinfected and put out and sun dried and fan dried and folded and ironed and put back into the rack.

Why spare Zoya and her clothes?


On days when the sky is grey and the sun is dull, this feels like your child’s attempt to get back to you for all the time he thinks you were wrong. In one stroke.


And then the weather does little to kill your paranoia about the smell of pee in the mattress.


And it’s a box bed below.

Stay still, you hyper-active mind. Calm down. Inhale. Exhale. Let go.


Because there is vinegar. The regular white vinegar. Chinese food vinegar.

For the clothes, I’ve always thrown in a cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle – kills the odours and dissolves any soda residue from the soap.

As for the mattress, I made an Odour  Busting Disinfectant:
2 Cups of Water
1 Cup of White Vinegar
½ Cup Vodka
10 Drops of Lavender Essential Oil
10 Drops of Orange Essential Oil
5 Drops of Tree Tea Essential Oil
5 Drops of Clary Sage Essential Oil

Put all this in a spray bottle. Shake well before each use. Use liberally.

And now I have to go to school for Sports Day.


I declare a war on winter.

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