Save the Lips

If ever a hibernation season for humans is declared from November to February, I’d be the first one to isolate myself and the last one to re-appear. And the worst is, despite all the shivering, my body does not shed the fat, only accumulates it. And my lips!

Don’t even get me started.


Nude, glossy, smile-able, kissable lips are just such a turn on! And winter dryness can take it all away. So here is a little something to SAVE THE LIPS!

Exfoliate – Everyone ignores this when it comes to their lips. You have to get rid of the dead skin from your lips and allow better circulation. Gently brush your lips everyday after your teeth with the toothbrush. Works good. Try honey mixed with a bit of sugar. Or coconut oil with cinnamon and sugar. Or coffee with mint leaves. Remember, brown sugar works better than white, be gentle and don’t do this if your lips are cut.

Hydrate – Drink at least 3 big glasses of water when you wake up. That is to start with. But after you exfoliate, you got to hydrate the lips. Vaseline, Boroline, and all other ‘lines’ available at an arm’s length should be avoided. They are NOT so good. Try something natural and nourishing – Coconut oil, milk cream, shea butter, cocoa butter, almond oil and even desi ghee!

And you can make your own tinted, glossy, nourishing lip balms or call me if you want a scrub or balm whipped up.



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