In the Amplitude of the Emotional Borderland

There is a storm brewing over the vast expanse of the Bay of Bengal. The night sky just got darker. The winds just got stronger. 

Alone on the beach. Feeling the waves break at my feet. The deafening sound of a crashing crest.

I am here, suspended between two waves. One has just crashed. The other is about to. The silence between the two is piercing. You can not hear anything. No heart beats. No pin drops. 

It is just about a second, this interval. It feels as if time has stood still. 

I am in the amplitude. I can see the white lather ebbing away in front of me. I can see the rush of the next coming to engulf me from the back.

Standing on this emotional borderland, as the storm brews around me, I wonder if the moon is over the horizon. There is no crack in the sky. No star. No silver. No lining.

Will I sink into the sand? Hold me close. Do not let go.

Will I ride the wave? Hold me close. We let go together. 

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