Healthy Homemade Popsicles

What happens when you lose your phone and with it goes data of the last five years? Just becuase you think you can outsmart technology and limit your presence, you switch off location tracking and important syncing features (among other things).

Blah. Blah. Blah.

It has not been an easy two weeks without the phone.

And then, the last academic session is over and Zoya is home. She has her preferences and games and activities that she likes to do uninterrupted. However, Sumer’s world is limited to his Didda. His fascination for her is only increasing and is thrilled beyond measure to have her home all the time.

So, how is it when two hyperventilating children get together?

It is called the Litmus Test of Parenthood.

And thus was born the idea of getting them to make their own popsicles. Of course, there are conditions:

– No cream, only ice
– No cup, only stick
– New colour everyday, no green
– Four a day
– No Milk
– No frozen banana mash
– No Mamma Things

Sumer just repeats everything verbatim.


So, I started with watermelon:

  • Blend to death with mint and lemon juice
  • Strain
  • Freeze it in moulds 


It is difficult to refrain the children from checking the freezer every few minutes and I have no solutions to offer. What I can definitely offer are a few ideas for flavours:

  • Kiwi + Pineapple + Lemon Juice
  • Mango + Orange
  • Watermelon + Cucumber + Mint
  • Papaya + Mint + Honey + Water
  • Espresso + Cream + Milk + Honey
  • Apple + Spinach + Ginger + Lime
  • Buttermilk + Strawberry / Mango
  • Coconut Water + Grape + Honey
  • Lemonade
  • Cucumber + Mint + Honey
  • Nutella + Milk / Cream
  • Carrot + Pineapple
  • Coconut Water + Basil +Lime + Honey
  • Carrot + Ginger + Turmeric + Grape
  • Jelly + Custard
  • Coconut Milk + Honey
  • Beetroot + Apple + Carrot + Ginger + Honey
  • Apple + Grape + Cucumber

If you can, then:
– Add coconut water instead of water if required
– Avoid adding sugar
– For adults, experiment with alcohol

Children will eat anything if it looks exciting! So try being a little creative – everything does not have to be in juice form – a liquid + chunks of some different coloured fruits perhaps?


Sumer experiences extreme bliss licking these “pops”. And this is the time I prod him about my lost phone because I have this sinking feeling he has chucked it somewhere.

One day, he will have a pop in one hand and my cellphone in the other.

Lessons on gratitude will pay off.


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