Homemade Condensed Milk

demi-deherrera-84871.jpgAh yes! You read it right. It can be made at home – cheaper… MUCH cheaper and HEALTHIER.


– 3/4 cup powdered milk
– 3/4 cup sugar
– 1/2 cup hot water
– 1/4 cup melted butter

1. Place the powdered milk, sugar, hot water and butter in a blender.

2.Blend all ingredients until they are smooth, scraping down the sides of the blender occasionally.

3. Condensed milk typically has a thick consistency, but if the homemade version is too thick, add a few spoonfuls or two of boiling water and blend to incorporate. Adjust the water until you are happy with the consistency.

4. You may ignore the butter, as it’s added to thicken the milk.


– 1 liter milk
– 1 cup granulated sugar, ideally brown sugar
– 1 tablespoon butter (Optional – to thicken the milk)

1. In a heavy-bottomed pot, bring the milk and sugar to a boil over medium heat.

2. Reduce the heat to low and simmer very gently for about two hours, till the volume is reduced by half. The mixture should be barely simmering and never bubbling at any point.

3. Keep stirring it every 15 minutes or so to keep the milk from forming the “skin” on top.

4. After 2 hours, stir in butter.

5. Remove the pot from heat and let the milk cool. The mixture will thicken further after it has cooled.

NOTE – Homemade condensed milk tends to get thicker when it is refrigerated, but it will loosen up when stirred and brought to room temperature.

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