Must Haves for a Doggie


We all have our own recipes for our bundles of fur.. I am not going to mess with that. However, a few must-haves have to go into their diet:

– 1 tbsp of oil

– 1 clove of  garlic, chopped

– 1 pinch of turmeric

– 1 carrot, chopped

– 1 to 3 inches of a pumpkin, chopped

– Oats

– Meat /chicken

Do NOT add salt.

Do NOT give them fish.

Do NOT brush their teeth with baking soda (too much sodium) or toothpaste meant for humans (too many detergents).

– BRUSH their COAT for 15 MINUTES EVERYDAY – It removes dead skin and hair and massages the skin.

– Water Massage – Wet your hands or a small towel and massage the body with it.

Because I love Google Singh.


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