Milkmaid Caramel


Zoya is trying to crawl. So this is the caterpillar stage. And she tries really hard to move forward like a caterpillar. Infact, she is so obsessed about it, that she takes up the caterpillar pose even in sleep.

One day, very suddenly, this caterpillar will transform into a a beautiful butterfly..

Just like milkmaid gets transformed into caramel.

Oh! The sweetness of it all…

– Put an unopened can of milkmaid into a bowl and cover it fully with water.

– Bring the water to a boil and then turn the flame to a medium low and let the water boil for a good 4 hours.

– The can should be in water throughout, so you may have to keep adding hot water.

– The can will NOT explode.

– After four hours, take the can out and let it cool.

– Open it.

Be surprised…

You should be looking at a sticky, brown, toffee-like consistency…

A butterfly emerges from its cocoon!

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