Vodka Aftershave


The other day I had gone shopping with my father and he was hell bent of buying Jovan Musk Aftershave.. Something he has been using since my memory formed. So, while we were hunting the rare musk, I told him I’d make aftershave from him from vodka. His instant reaction was NO. Singh had said the same when I had offered to make it for him in February.

But two days later, my dad said make it. The drunkards we are, we were out of vodka, so my father obliged me with some cheap CSD canteen stuff (he probably keeps it for the drivers).

No, this is NOT my recipe. I’ve combined a few I read here and there.

Take about 60 ml of VODKA and 5 tablespoons of white rum. That is NOT soda! It’s vodka that Pa poured into an empty bottle.

Spices – I used 2 bay leaves, 3 small sticks of cinnamon, a tablespoon of cloves and 1 nutmeg crushed. There is a lot you can experiment with, including black peppercorns, any citrus zest, anises, etc etc. Go with what your man likes and what you want him to smell of!!

Dunk all the spice into an empty bottle and pour the alcohols over it. Seal the bottle and let it sit for 2 weeks. Then strain it into the bottle you want to use.

For Singh and Pa, this liquid soap bottle shall be recycled!

You may dilute the filtered vodka with mineral water.

The longer you keep the spices standing in the alcohol, stronger will be the smells.

The alcohol acts as a toner, astringent, and antiseptic.

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