Hail-Mary Glass-Cleaner

I have been in a grumpy mood.

Had asked Mary to make pav-bhaji for dinner as we had to go out some where… I gave her clear instructions how to make it. And what we ended up eating was solid sambar (it had a LOT of mustard in it).

Am pissed with her. And so, tomorrow ends her 3 year luxury of me not pointing fingers at her cleaning.

And clean she will. Staring with glass.


I’ve made a Glass Cleaner:

-Used rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, baking soda and hot water.

I always use this kettle to heat / boil water. God alone knows what this company is, I have never seen another kettle from them in the market, let alone another product. But it is the only sensible and lasting wedding present. I swear by you Niki Tasha and I love you, whoever and wherever you are (Dubai, China and Delhi, by the way).




I like this dishwashing liquid bottle – will work for glass cleaning because of the squirty nozzle.








This rubbing alcohol is left over from Zoya’s chord cleaning days. So that’s my standard measure. I then took as much vinegar as the alcohol and put that into the empty bottle too. And then added a teaspoon of baking soda.

I like the colour, BrillEnt Blue. More so because of how Bio Laboratories spells it.




Then, I poured 8 times the quantity of hot (not boiling) water into the bottle. Shake it to dissolve the soda. The brilliance of blue has faded, but this is one glass cleaning mixture you got to try! Let it sit till it cools and then cap the bottle please.

  Hail Mary!

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