That Awful Paint Smell

There is no space in our house to put in one of those fancy baby cots. Singh and I had thus decided that Zoya will be in our room, on our bed. We managed pretty well. But it’s made me so damn lazy.. About feeding her.. I am so dead at 1 am and 4 am, that I just end of feeding her lying down.

And then, before Holi, when we went on our road trip, and stopped by at Singh’s father’s farm, I saw a small little palna! It was in a bad state, being used to store old newspapers. And I am not surprised my mother-in-law did not tell us about it. I put on my thinking cap…

The damn thing is 40 years old.. At least! The last baby to rock in it was Singh! The wood is good, but the paint / polish was all gone and the wood had turned white. It is one of those palnas which are hung from the ceiling – it’s got 2 rings on either side. This again is not a possibility in our house.. But, if we get new legs… and wheels… It could be portable…Hmm… And then chop off the legs and make a table of it… I need coffee tables around the house.. Damn, the house interiors have to be done.. It’s been one and a half years.. 4 months after we moved in I got pregnant and everything just stands…

Anyways, after waiting for a few weeks for my mother-in-law to part with it, the palna was home! Suddenly, I was torn between using it as a table and as a cot for Zoya. But then, the painter was called and a colour decided…

The BlackBerry has the SADDEST camera of all phones

So for 3 days the cot stood outside the house waiting for the paint to dry. It dried about 90%. We got it into the drawing room (least used part of our house) and it stood there for another 3 days till the paint dried off completely. BUT the smell remained. I kept it under the fan and again in the sun, but the damn smell refused to go.

So, Mr. Google was asked to render his services…

I lit a candle and kept it on the cot. What does it do? The fire burns out fumes of the flammable substances in the paint.

About 2 hours later, the smell was cut by about 60% (The room is very open, so I guess this will take some time)

These last 2 pictures are from the iPhone.. It really brings out the colours!

This trick apparently works wonders in a freshly painted room – close the doors and windows in the room, turn off the fan and light one or more candles in the middle of the room… It takes 3 hours for the flame(s) to burn off the fumes!

Another trick is to keep a plate with bread soaked in white vinegar.. I’m out of white vinegar.

After Zoya’s outgrown this cot, the legs will be chopped, the cot turned upside down and made into a table!

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