Exfoliate Your Skin – Cost: Less than 1 Rupee

This, I tell you, is a miracle thingie. I have been experimenting so much with baking soda. Dishes, laundry, stains, odors, grease – damn the thing goes evcristian-newman-85385ery where. I’ve noticed that it dries the skin, BUT makes the hands feel nice and clean.

So I decided to give it a try on my face.

I mixed a little baking soda with water and scrubbed my face and neck. For about a minute of so. Then washed it off with ice cold water.

Oh my! What can I say?

I looked like a red baffoon.


My face is so soft and clean. I can’t stop feeling it!

Add 2 drops of tea tree oil to the paste. This came to me when I sent Ekta a text about it.

The redness did get me worried. So I decided to google “baking soda for skin”. Information I gathered:

– The redness is nothing to worry about

– It has NOT chemicals

– You can do this EVERYDAY! (But if you have dry skin, do it twice a week. Sensitive skin, try a patch first. Oily skin, you will love it!)

– It helps control acne

– Being a fine powder alkaline (ph 8.2) it is NOT harmful or harsh


How much do you spend on face scrubs? I small little bottle can cost anything from Rs 100 to Rs 2000 or even more!

I think this cost me less than 30 paise!

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