Summer Coolers Part ONE

So Mary, my maid, walked into the house, opened the cupboard and freaked. She has been freaking a lot lately with me doing all the “crazy” things and clicking pictures. So, I had to explain to her what the Enzyme Cleaner is and how it will work.

Pata nahin kya kya karte ho aap. Keede aa jayege.”

So, while I was trying to make these cucumber juice ice cubes, I HAD to ensure she does NOT mess with the bottles. There are two now, you see.

So what I was trying to make is a set of ice cubes from cucumber juice. A great summer cooler that can be added to plain water and vodka too.

NOTE – Lots of pictures are missing.. but you will get the flow!

A cucumber, a lemon, mint leaves and ice trays…

Get rid off the cucumber’s bitterness.. Chop off the tail ends, make incisions in the cucumber at both ends and rub the tails on the incisions till the froth comes out.. Peel the cucumber, chop it and dunk it into the mixie.

Divide your mint into two portion. One half goes into the mixie with the cucumber pieces.

Strain the cucumber mint juice. If you do not mind the coarseness, do not strain.

The other half of the mint leaves, tear them and add a few to each slot in the ice tray. You may also grate the rind of the lemon (before  juicing it) and add a little in with the mint.


 Pour the cucumber juice into the tray and freeze.

In summers, just drop a cube or two into your glass.


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