Is there a White DYE?

I need white dye. And now! And HOW!

My love for anything white is very strong.. Borders becoming an obsession. And I absolutely HAATE the fact that they do NOT remain white forever. And then, this city I live in, the water quality is so so pathetic, that after 3 to 5 washes, white clothes either turn greyISH or yellowISH. And then these great t-shirts, shirts, kurtas, pants all turn into night clothes. My collection of whiteISH night clothes is growing… And I am not too fond of getting these dyed into different colours.. Yes, if a white dye for clothes existed, I’d give it a try!

However, there is one WHITE DYE that does exist in all our homes – LEMONS. It is very magical, almost like a fairy’s wand!

– Make a paste of lemon juice, salt and baking soda and apply it on the stains (collars, cuffs, underarms too!).. Sun dry the cloth and then wash it off as usual. I’ve tried this and it works!

– Add half a cup of lemon juice and a teaspoon of baking soda along with the detergent in your machine. It works wonders for white clothes and boosts the detergent’s cleaning action. I have NOT got around to trying this because my Mother insists that the juice will screw the machine. But, one day, when I get over her statement, I will give it a try.

– Add some lemon juice to white vinegar in a bucket of water and soak the white clothes in it. Not tried, but soon!

Do you know of natural / organic ways of keeping white clothes white? Would love to hear them!

The search for a non-toxic white clothes dye shall go on….

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