Oil Massage with a Twist of Herbs

Hot oil hair massage is THE thing. Given all its benefits, remember you do NOT need to suffocate your scalp with the oil overnight. 20 minutes to 2 hours is good enough.

But next time you do a hot oil massage, add a little twist to the experience – you won’t regret the benefits.


Yes, herbs.

Dry petals of calendula or chamomile or hibiscus or rose (it’s spring and NOW is the time to get them fresh and dry them at home), coffee, tea, aloe vera, ginger, rosemary, nutmeg.. The list is really long and open to experimentation! Herbs boost the oil with more strengthening and even colour enhancing properties.

Boil the herbs in the oil for about a few minutes and then let the mixture sit for an hour. And, always apply the oil to your scalp.

Love yourself.

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