Spray Painting the Pot?

After my delivery, my mother was paranoid about me getting an upset stomach. She rigidly overlooked my diet – there was very little I could eat in a season that abounds in some of the best vegetables! It was a strict regime that lasted 40 days, that being the usual 6 weeks post delivery during which the body recovers.

Despite all the precautions, I did get loose motions twice. And Singh is just indigestion-prone.

So, out of my mother’s homemade remedies box, came a concoction that is a sure fix when you land up spray painting the pot.

That’s dried aniseeds. My mother calls it “Chapti Saunf“. It’s not the usual green whole one we are so used to. This one is brown, dry and loosely crushed. It has a roasted aftertaste, and is  available at a local grocers. If not there, wholesale spice shops definitely have them.

These are carom seeds – ajwain. You’ll get them everywhere. And they are the best cure for flatulence. My mother’s taught me to always store it mixed with a little salt. That keeps those little bugs out of it.

Take a teaspoon each of the two. You could take more, if you want to store this concoction for a while.

Dry roast this mixture in a pan for about 10 to 15 minutes on a really slow flame. Don’t burn it. You may notice that the seeds will turn a little darker. The aroma will fill your kitchen and it is a great smell.

Once it’s done, mix the roasted seeds with half a teaspoon of rock salt – sendha namak. Eat it. And have a sip or two of water if needed.

Eating is the KEY here. Don’t swallow it. That is a waste. Chew it well. If you can avoid the water, that is great. But if you can not, just have very LITTLE.

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