Poo-less Hair

 Oh Missy, you so pretty! After a round at the parlour, me too can have hair that sexy!


Just google POO LESS, read all that comes up, try it and you’ll be glad.

Shampoo is a modern day crocodile-in-a-chiffon-saree. Really. In all the years since my memory formed, I have always been upset with the texture of my hair. Too oily, shampoo it and great on day one, then too dry, and then oily again. And then, I have gone ahead and abused it with complete insane authority – perming, straightening, coloring, etc etc. I loved to try new shampoos. I even got hooked onto some expensive foreign brands and bought supplies like we’d be going to war.

Despite all that, I have not found that one perfect shamPOO..

And one of the 100th reasons I wanted to go bald on my 30th birthday.. But, for my husband who was born in 1973… It’s another story.

And then some time early last year, Rahul Balyan shared a link on how this person had gone soap-free and suddenly his life and skin were normal. Was there a harm in trying? Well, once you get over your conditioning, there is no harm. And I tried it. The results were outstanding. I lived through the Indian summer, monsoon and winter without soap and moisturizing cream. My skin had a shine, texture and color. I am a happy woman. No, I did not chuck out any of the soaps. We get visitors who do not take to the idea of not using soaps. Plus, am not too sure how I can make soap at home yet.

Coming to going “poo-less”, well, would your life fall apart and your head become a pan of deep-frying oil if you did not shampoo? NO. We are all victims of great advertising for everything not needed and required. The list is very very very long. Our body knows how to maintain a natural balance. It’s one of those things which is NOT rocket science. Oily secretions are a natural occurrence. When we lather away this oil, we signal our body to produce more of it to maintain a balance. The more we lather, the more dryness we create and more the body produces to keep a status quo.

Cutting the long story short, I am now ready to take the plunge. If it does not work, I will just get back to lathering the oils out and living with the viscous cycle.


I made a paste of 2 tablespoons of baking soda (every kirana ki dukaan keeps it) with 2 drops of tea tree oil (for the smell of this damn oil I love).

Really. That’s all.

Wet your hair and apply the mixture to your scalp and massage it gently for a minute of so. The scalp is where where the oil comes from, not the hair ends.

Rinse it off.

Today was my first day, the oil has gone and I am a little impressed. When I massaged my scalp, there was a little lather! I was so so shocked! I thought I was rinsing my hair well to get rid of all the sham’poo’.

It will take a week to 10 days for 31 years of chemical abuse to be arrested. I think the wait is worth it.


For conditioner-addicts, there is a homemade solution – Apple Cider Vinegar. Almost all shops have this. Or try the HPMC outlets in your city.

2 tablespoons of it mixed with a cup of water. Pour it over the hair ends. It you have long hair, you can catch the ends and dip it into the cup. Count to 60 and then rinse it off.

I have not tried this yet, but will when I get the ACV next week.


Every site will tell you that this is not MAGIC – it takes a few weeks to show results, depending on how much you’ve messed with your hair (I assume). But:

– If your hair dries out too much, reduce the quantity of baking soda.

– Pour the apple cider vinegar mix on the ends of your hair. Pouring it on the scalp can make that greasy. You know, use it like you’d use a normal conditioner.

– Rub the baking soda mixture behind your ears as well. Baking soda is great at killing odours.

– Your life will not come to a standstill if you do not shamPOO and try this instead.


Simple Mom has some great information on going poo-less.

And I shall keep you updated with my progress.

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